7 Spot Rustic rack-The Rigger

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If you love the look of shiny steel on 'old wood' then our range of racks will be something you may like. Made mostly from upcycled stuff, you can rest easy that no trees have been chopped or minerals mined to create these stands. Make no mistake, they are solid and sturdy...made tough for AFRICA as they say!

We may add some locally made racks with a more refined look later on, but for now I need to find work for a load of sleeper I have cut up and some redundant piping, tubes, nuts and bolts. I'll give them names as I make models with various components, feel free to ask for a pic for the one you will be getting, as no one will look the same. We only cut the timber and remove loose bits and dust with a quick sanding as we would like the aged look. We also smooth out the corners to try and ensure you don't pick up splinters when caressing your new stand, but remember it is a MAN-STAND, not a boy-stand.

Depending on the length of your razor it will either hang by the head or stand on the bottom base, my guess is that the most of them will be hanging. This rack is made from Sleeperwood, some copper tube, some eye-nuts and stainless steel threaded rod. You can polish the metal bits, but I thing they should rather 'age and mature' so they can get some more 'houding' The unit stands 16 cm high, is around 32 cm long and weighs close to 800 grams....it is chunky!