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'Caddy' on regardless...If you are a razor-head you know all to well about this problem, where do I put the buggers? I want them on display so I can inspect their condition regularly, and pick which one I am going to use today without rummaging through drawers and cupboards and opening cases. The caddies are made of solid steel in chrome or black finish, and have a high density foam strip on the bottom to ensure the razors don't slip and fall around like drunken sailors. What we also love is the fact that the unit is small and compact, ideal for window ledges and smaller bathrooms. It weighs a solid 300 grams, so it wont topple over easily, even with top heavy razors. It is balanced in such a way that it will rather topple backwards than forwards,so placing it against a wall or window makes perfect sense. The unit is 130 mm wide, just over 50 mm deep and stands 82 mm high. 

Just a thought, even if you are not a razor-head, his and hers razors and two toothbrushes...or so you can tell the missus.