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The new DE 2 is the latest addition to the entry level razor class, it is heavier than the DE 1 and has a better build quality with its thicker handle and head. This razor was made for a very mild shave, opposed to the DE1 that gives a closer shave. Mild is good for most people, especially folks who have sensitive skin and first timers to safety razors. As an entry level razor this makes perfect sense, you'll get a good feel for safety razors with minimum risk of nicking yourself. the razor also has a wider head, the purpose of this is to conceal the tabs of the blades that sticks out on most safety razor heads, also known as 'blade overhang'. This model is available in White metal and Rose gold finishes.

The razor weighs 75 gram and stands 94 mm high, a nice, sturdy, 'average' safety razor. This offer excludes the stand and razor blades.