Safety Razor DE11 and DE11.5 in 316L stainless steel.

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I love stainless steel safety razors, maybe because I did many kilometers of stainless steel piping in my construction career, but the fact is that it is one of the most durable, sensible and beautiful materials if cared for. Make no mistake, a carbon steel blade can still contaminate stainless steel parts, so clean your razor often and never leave blades in there for a long period of time, even worse when it is stored in a wet condition. Stainless steel razors are pretty expensive, and the average 316 L razor will set you back between 2 k and 5 k, and premium stuff even more! 

We adjusted this listing in that we added the 11.5, in an open comb head option, this also in 316L and also in a polished finish. We also changed the handle that we use with the DE11 razor, as it is heavier than most razors out there the weight of the razor gives it a solid feel in hand, and a slightly slimmer handle improves the grip and handling and maneuvering when in use. The blade seating and positioning is great on both designs, some effort was certainly made with the engineering and design of these. 

These are very efficient shavers, made from very durable materials and have a finish you'd expect of razors double or three times it's price, its just such a good buy in terms of value and quality.

The 11 is 98 mm tall and the 11.5 stands 96 tall, while the 11 weighs 101 grams and the 11.5 is the fatty at 110 grams. Both head types are wide enough to cover the entire blade with no exposed tabs. 

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