Safety Razor DE14, stainless steel 316L

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Stainless steel razors are one of the most durable options out there, they have no coating that can diminish or stain, are very durable and also highly resistant to corrosion, make no mistake, a carbon steel blade can still contaminate stainless steel parts, so clean your razor often and never leave blades in there for a long period of time, especially when still wet. Stainless steel razors are pretty expensive, and the average 316 L razor will set you back between 2 k and 5 k, and premium stuff even more! 

Enter the DE range of stainless razors, affordable, great shavers and great lookers. As with many non branded items one is always a bit wary of the quality and performance, but these quickly moved into my top 5 ranked razors, not only because of the affordability factor, but mainly because they are very effective shavers, and I really do prefer them over some of the 'branded' competitors out there. This razor comprises of a handle with a flat diamond (argyle) pattern, the head comes with a solid bar base plate paired with a scalloped cap. The scalloped cap is slightly thicker than the smooth cap and delivers a shave that is a tad milder. The purpose of the ridges is to leave some shaving soap on the skin after the head doing a first cut, this way ensuring lubrication for that second and third stroke. This 3 piece razor has a total weight of 103 grams and stand 99 mm high. This razor has a thinner handle (12 mm) than our other offerings, and is more suited to folks preferring a lighter razor with great lubrication properties. This would also work well for female users and folks who are prone to sensitive skin.