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The new DE 16 slots into a price class where we have identified a shortage of razors, not cheap as chips, but not as high in the range where makers of other safety razors usually start pricing their lower end stuff. It is a razor that is still fairly cheap, great for both male and female users and has some very cool features to boot. The white comes in a mirror polish finish, while the gunmetal and rose colours are in matt finish, all three of these razors are exceptionally well finished for their price, and in our opinion, very good bang for your buck.

The razors have a simple, uniform handle with a diamond knurled pattern that offers good grip, the longer handle makes it more desireable for first timers as they are used to the longer stems. Ladies will also love the longer handles to reach right down those long legs all the way to their ankles without dislocating a joint. The elementary handles are complimented by a very cool looking head with flowing lines and a base plate that is upturned on the ends to give it a modern, clean look, this profile flows beautifully into the cap to offer a head that hides the entire blade and eliminates any and all sharp edges or points. The base plate also sports four strategically placed stops on the four corners that serves to protect users from the razor blade's corners, this is where most nicks and cuts happen as the skin tends to 'fold over' the 90 degree corner. This is indeed a very cool, safe and modern looking safety razor, someone in the design department certainly did their work very well!  This razor offers a mild shave and will work for just about everyone, and more so folks with sensitive skin and folks wanting a superb starting razor.

The razor weighs 98 gram and stands 107 mm high, a nice, sturdy and long, no-nonsense razor.

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