Safety Razor DE17

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The DE17 is another option available for guys and girls looking for a traditional style razors with classic looks and a wooden handle. The razor has a user friendly head in that it delivers a very mild shave and has a large safety bar, contact with the skin is spread out more evenly and this results in less irritation. The ridges in the safety bar allow some soap to pass through with shaving strokes and thus following strokes or touch ups are easy to execute without reapplying a shaving medium. The head has 4 stops on the corners of the safety bar to eliminate any nicks and cuts that can happen if the razor is pressed to hard or uneven. It also features a full length head that covers the entire blade including the blade tabs, resulting in a great razor with clean looks and no blade overhang.

This razor is extremely mild, and will not give you a close shave if you do a single pass shave using no pressure, that being said it is very comfortable, and the smooth action and longer cutting length makes it a great razor for those who have sensitive skin or razor bump issues, or folks who are not hellbent on getting a very close shave, but like a smooth razor in a classical appearance.

The razor weighs 91 grams and is 112 mm tall.