Safety Razor DE3 'The sensitive one'

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Don't be fooled by the badass appearance of the DE3 razor, it is our first weapon of choice that we suggest to folks who have very sensitive skin, and also to persons with skin ailments/problems such as razor burn, razor bumps and ingrown hair. It has a very mild action, so it leaves your stubble slightly longer than most other razors, this prevents a LOT of bad stuff from happening on/to your skin. The razor also offers a combed blade guard and a slotted cap, the function of this is to allow huge amounts of lubrication to stay on your face for the second or third stroke over the same spot, this results in less friction, less abrasion and a much happier face.

The road to curing skin ailments and problems is not an instant one, but we will guarantee this razor will find a huge following under shavers for its gentle nature.

It weighs 80 gram and stands 82 mm high, a nice, sturdy, 'average' safety razor. This offer excludes the stand and razor blades.