Safety Razor DE4 'The Mediator'

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If you have sensitive skin but not dramatically so this is a razor we'll suggest for you. The one side of the razor has an open comb, and this is the side we'd suggest you use mostly for 'weekday shaving' or until such time your skin feels better or is healed from issue such as razor bumps. The open comb allows for more lubrication to stay on the skin with subsequent passes over the same spot, resulting is less friction and better skin. The other side has a solid bar and shaves a bit closer for us, use this side when the weekend is upon you or when 'stepping out', go back to the open comb side when skin 'asks' for it. We fitted this razor with a short, heavy handle that is gripped mostly with your fingertips, only light pressure is required and we have found longer handles that fills your palm tends to be pressed down too hard on the skin, especially by beginners to this type of shaving. 

The road to curing skin ailments and problems is not an instant one, but this is a great razor to sort our problem and sensitive skin that comes and goes. We suggest the use a full tallow soap like our Rooi Afrikaner or Sanga Symphony and brush with this razor to best resolve sensitive and problem skin.

It weighs 80 gram and stands 82 mm high, a nice, sturdy,  razor. This offer excludes a stand and razor blades.