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The DE7 is a very good starter, or rookie razor for someone on a budget, and not liking the 3-piece action of our DE1. This razor has doors that open when you turn the dial at the bottom that enables easier loading and less handling of the blade. It is a very mild razor, meaning you won't get the closest shave out there, but if you have sensitive skin or are prone to rash or razor burn, this one could be the one that solves a lot of problems for you. It could also be the solution you are after if razor bumps are your nemesis. In the event of you finding it too mild, you can experiment by doing a pass across the grain or against it to get a closer shave out of it. It has a durable hard chrome finish, and will last you many years if taken care of and used sensibly. Clean it with an old toothbrush, water and soap from time to time to avoid the buildup of detergents and ensure smooth action. a Nice and solid razor at 72 grams, with a sensible length of 94 mm.

These razors come with the option of a stand in a matching finish. We like these stands as they are of practical design; they have a synthetic liner within the alloy casting, effectively eliminating corrosion where two metal objects come in contact. This also prevents scratches to your razor that could occur when two metal objects are put to one another every so often. The stand has a drain hole in the casing that eliminates the build up of moisture, a great addition to our DE7! 

Most stands will work for this razors, go for the 13.5 mm size if you buy an inkwell stand.

Customer Reviews

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Great so far

I bought mine about a year ago.
My First upgrade from the Lion.
Tested with many different brands of blades and does a great job with all of them.
The grip is a little slippery, but I don't have much to compare to.
Mechanism seems to be holding up.

Awesome product and service

I could not believe the quality of this Razor for the price, one would easily think it costs 5 times as much.

Its weight, finish and manufacturing looks and feels quality and it shaves flawless (Feather blades are great).

Hand written note and complimentary shaving soap was a real nice touch. Thanks Jaco! You are running an excellent service.

Ernest Smit
Great Razor

I've bought and tried a few razors before getting to this one, I have a very sensitive skin and cartridge razors don't work so well for me, and a few of the other safety razors I have just are too aggressive, but this beauty! This is a nice mild razor and works well if you have sensitive skin, I managed a nice comfortable smooth 3 pass shave with no issues at all, paired it with a Supermax blade, and it did wonders, I don't even feel like using my other razors again lol

great service and quick delivery, Jaco is the man

Carl Warnett
Great razor

My second DE Saftey razor and it's a great one. Used a Rockwell blade and got a great shave on the first pass with no razor burn. The butterfly opening is very secure, and blade is completely concealed on ends.

Highly recommend.

Joshua deBeer
Great entry-level razor

This would make a great entry into DE wet shaving or even a great "Travel" razor.

Aesthetics: A handsome looking tool. It's well finished & the chrome plating is good.

Ergonomics: It feels good in the hand. The handle is just long & thick enough to allow for multiple grips to get that close shave. The head is also the right thickness to get under the nose. With just enough weight & balance to let the razor do the work, without excessive pressure. The knurling is sufficient, I never felt like I was going to drop it while my hands were wet.

Operation: The mechanism is good with aprox, 2.5 turns open/closed. The knob tightens well enough, I had no issue of it loosening & letting go of the blade while I shaved. Once tightened up there are no rattles or odd sounds.

A mild to medium class razor. I was able to get a good shave in two passes, with my blade choice [your results may vary].

Overall a solid performer for the price. A good looking full metal razor for less than the price of a dodgy Gillette cartridge handle. Would make a good starter razor, travel razor or a good gift.