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The DE7 is a very good starter, or rookie razor for someone on a budget, and not liking the 3-piece action of our DE1. This razor has doors that open when you turn the dial at the bottom that enables easier loading and less handling of the blade. It is a very mild razor, meaning you won't get the closest shave out there, but if you have sensitive skin or are prone to rash or razor burn, this one could be the one that solves a lot of problems for you. It could also be the solution you are after if razor bumps are your nemesis. In the event of you finding it too mild, you can experiment by doing a pass across the grain or against it to get a closer shave out of it. It has a durable hard chrome finish, and will last you many years if taken care of and used sensibly. Clean it with an old toothbrush, water and soap from time to time to avoid the buildup of detergents and ensure smooth action. a Nice and solid razor at 72 grams, with a sensible length of 94 mm.

These razors come with the option of a stand in a matching finish. We like these stands as they are of practical design; they have a synthetic liner within the alloy casting, effectively eliminating corrosion where two metal objects come in contact. This also prevents scratches to your razor that could occur when two metal objects are put to one another every so often. The stand has a drain hole in the casing that eliminates the build up of moisture, a great addition to our DE7! 

Most stands will work for this razors, go for the 13.5 mm size if you buy an inkwell stand.

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