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The DE9 is the Charmaine Gale/Weavers of razors, tall and lanky, well built, it will take you to great heights and loves to be cuddled. The hard chrome finish is available in white chrome, gunmetal and rose gold. and will last you many years if taken care of and used sensibly. It weighs in at 89 grams, and will use its weight to get rid of stubborn leg and face stubble, it is also one of the tallest razors around at 120 mm. It is a twist-to-open razor allowing for easy, quicker blade loading, and is classified as a mild razor, the extra long handle makes it a nice razor for those with long legs or huge hands.

These razors come with the option of a stand in a matching finish. We like these stands as they are of practical design; they have a synthetic liner within the alloy casting, effectively eliminating corrosion where two metal objects come in contact. This also prevents scratches to your razor that could occur when two metal objects are put to one another every so often. The stand has a drain hole in the casing that eliminates the build up of moisture, a great addition to this range of razors! 

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