Safety razor in Purple heart

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a Fairly aggressive head makes this a great razor for a guy/girl who wants to do one pass and be done with it, The handles are made from Purple Heart wood, a timber species from South America. It looks pretty dull and boring when freshly cut, but soon develops a beautiful deep purple colour, much like our own Pink Ivory species. When exposed to more UV, the wood will turn brownish purple, so....keep it out of the sun! We'll throw in a dollop of balm that can be used on your wooden handle, please try it on your face also, it is actually an afteshave balm that also has excellent wood preservation properties.

The handle is made nice and chunky so diameter replaces knurling, it is very comfortable in hand and offers good grip, We prefer a natural finish on this razor as you might want to do a bit of sanding at one time to revive the colour. 

We have many requests for longer razors, so we figured we'll throw in a extra length handle in this batch. We have a few brush blanks in this wood, so if you need a brush in the same timber, drop us a message!

Sizes are approximate as we work to the dimensions of the timber we have available, but will always be quite close to the given dimensions. If this is a critical aspect, please enquire with us for exact dimensions/weight.

Short; Total length 94 mm, weight 62 grams

Medium; Total length 104 mm, weight 64 grams

Extra lenght; Total length 134 mm, weight 71 grams