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If you are in it ONLY to save money, this is the one for you, does the job, but feels very light in your hand. Pack comes with 5 blades. We have also combined this razor with one of our soaps and a brush with enough blades to last you a year. Have a look under 'Razor sets' to get shaving for cheaper than what a movie and Pop Corn would cost you at Ster Kinekor!

Customer Reviews

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Lion Razor

The worst shaving experience of my life. A poor product. Total rubbish. Would recommend people to stay away from it. Cheap and nasty.

Lloyd Manoek
A Step in the Right Direction

I bought this when i heard about Wet Shaving and got hooked on the result.
Very close shave once you got the angle right.
Not aggressive and clogs quickly but its still better than cartridge any day.
Goodbye Ingrown hairs and itchy growth.
Quattro starting catching dust, R25 for 5blades that lasted almost 2months vs R70 for 4blades with aloe strips that fall off before the blades are blunt.
Smooth and shiny head everytime.
If this is your 1st safety go slow and research angle

Vikash S
Not Bad, But Not The Best.

This was the first ever safety razor that I purchased. It was definitely a significant step up from the traditional multi-blade razors. However I felt that I was still not getting the best shave. I would suggest spending a little more and getting one of the other razors from the DE range. I would not suggest using this razor with aggressive blades. The Lion blades that come with it are actually well-suited to it. However sharper blades led to cuts and irritation for me.