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If you are a fan of German maker Merkur you are going to love this little number, the 15c could be the answer if your current razor shaves like a dream, but you could do with a bit more aggression and efficiency. We ordered this specifically for one of our clients with very coarse beard and he is happy as can be, rating it well above the slant razor he has been using for a while. Reviews are pretty limited on this razor, but GeoFatboy from seemed to be quite impressed with it, we'll take one for a spin when the next batch arrives. This open comb three piece razor weighs 53 grams and stands 82 mm high. Nimble, efficient basic, this little guy will appeal to more traditional shavers, lovers of a single pass shave and guys with heavier stubble.

Customer Reviews

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Darishan Padayachee
Smooth Criminal

I received my Merkur 15c yesterday as an upgrade to my DE8 razor.
I gave it a spin this morning and I share the same sentiment as Geofatboy’s review. Excellent razor, and immensely underrated. Very efficient, good feedback through the blade both audibly and through feel. Very smooth ride for an open comb usually termed as aggressive with zero irritation compared to my current DE8 razor. I would class it as mildly aggressive. Baby smooth shave with just two passes. Requires good shaving technique ;) This will be my daily ride going forward, paired with personna blades. I found the handle smaller but very ergonomic and has good grip and good balance. Good engineering as is to be expected from German manufacturers. I had no weepers and less irritation evidenced by no stinging post shave after applying aftershave.

Next wishlist item will be a Merkur Progress.

Thank you Jaco and team.

Jean Viviers
Tiny Terror!!

What a Superb little Razor , At first glance it looked a tad small compared to some of my other razors , but i let shaving be the judge i used Rooi afrikaner a tallow based soap from Bundubeard , I LOVE this razor it is nor mild nor aggressive i will call it mildly aggressive .

It slashed my 4day stubble like a light saber and i have a very thick growth of beard in my neck that grows wild like the african sekelbos .

This is the perfect travel razor with blade choice it can be a daily driver or weekly bushwacker!