Safety Razor Merkur 33C

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a German quality product slightly shorter than the 23C model also available from our site (For some reason I keep on thinking about 'Twins' with Arnie and Danny). This razor has a chromed finish complemented with a lightly knurled handle. It is the perfect starter/keeper razor, easy enough to use for your first shave, but durable enough to last until your last. It is a 85 mm long and weighs 55 grams. This razor is favored more by the blokes as the shorter handle is easier to maneuver around your chin. Razor classification is 'aggressive', please read our FAQ page to get an understanding for the term.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Smit
Met All Expectations

Just started shaving with DE razors and I am glad that this was my first razor. When I first started researching DE razors the Merkur brand came up a lot in reviews. This set a high bar of expectation as they labeled it as a kind of benchmark razor and an exceptional razor to first have and keep for all your days.

Just know that all the expectations were met and more. You can tell that makers of this razor knew what people expect from a great razor.

A perfect allrounder

This razor was the 1st razor I bought and also probably the reason why the shaving bug bit me. I have been through a few razors in the same price segment and I find myself constantly returning to the merkur 33c. I believe this razor has the best angle and provides a great shaving experience.