Safety Razor Merkur 37C 'Slant'

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Apparently a razor for the more experienced shavers, with the 37C the blade twists slightly to create a shallow angle that resembles a guillotine. Sounds pretty hectic, all we know it is weirdly beautiful, just like the evil prawn in 'Alien' If its performance matches its looks by any means, its going to cut like a hot knife through butter. It is a two piece razor that tops the scale in aggressiveness, the bottom part is held by a bolt that screws on the handle. It’s a design that is easier to assemble compared to a 3 piece razor. If you got stubble like 'bloudraad' this one must find a spot in your collection, as it is designed for coarse beard, also for guys who wants a close shave in a single pass. It is 82 mm long and weighs in at a reasonably heavy 77 grams.