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Old school looks with practical, simple design. These features all work together to ensure reduced manufacturing costs to make this one of the most affordable adjustable safety razors available today. a Simple twist of the dial on the bottom of the handle turns it from mild to aggressive in a few seconds, it has 5 settings for you to work through and find out which works best on what section you are shaving. If you have different types of hair like course hair around your chin and finer hair in your neck, or you shave both your beard and head, this one is more then likely a must have as it offers instant adjustment without having to remove the blade or parts of the razor. Its a simple two piece design, and is offered in the standard and longer handle; the standard is 87 mm long and weighs 90 grams, while the longer handle model stand 104 mm high and weighs in at 100 grams.    

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