Pearl shaving safety razor rack- 7 spot

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7 days, 7 razors, 7 spots for them. If you would like to neaten up your razor collection these stands will display them very nicely. Load up the rack with the razors you will use for the next few days and you are good to go without the need to rumble through your drawers to look for the one that will head up the hair slaughter. Depending on the length of your razor it will either hang by the head or stand on the bottom base, my guess is that the most of them will be hanging. The wooden rack is made from wood and chromed brass, the one I opened had a few natural defects in the base and was not perfect, but very good looking none the less. One can use it as is or stain it to match your bathroom with a tiny amount of DIY, I'll do one in the new future and include some pics of it. The holes are drilled to 12.7 mm, so make sure your razors will fit. Reaming the hole would not be much of an issue either, so if you do own a razor with a thicker handle, just break out some simple tools and get the job done. The unit stands almost 15 cm high, is around 33 cm long and weighs 230 grams. Assembles by hand and a flat screwdriver for tightening up the screws.