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Welcome to the heads and handles section where you can buy some generic spare parts or 'build a razor'. You can also buy a head you deem more or less aggressive than your current one, or one with a different style of bar on the base plate i.e. scalloped, open comb or solid bar. Now you don't have to buy a complete razor to experience something you are curios about! This section will grow and evolve as we add new parts or take some away, it might also develop into single listings for spare parts, but for now we'll stick to this one listing. 

We will add more descriptions to the individual parts as we test them, but figured we'll get them going straight away as there are a few guys who were waiting for some of these items.

SRD001 is a 316L stainless steel razor head with a solid bar. The top of the cap and the base plate has a polished finish. The head has monster channels for allowing through huge amounts of shaving soap, and the head is wide enough to cover the tabs of the razor blade. 

SRD002 Is an alloy open comb base plate with matching cap, love the looks on this beast!

SRD003 This is a dual action head that sports a scallopped bar on the one side an an open comb on the other, a possible use is the open comb on the tougher beard on the sides of your face and the solid bar on the more sensitive neck areas.

SRD004 is a solid bar razor head with a nice and chunky look to it.

SRD005 is a solid bar razor head with a scallopped bar both ends of the baseplate.

SRD006 is an aggressive razor head with solid segmented bars sporting our original 'Bundubeard' logo on the cap.

SRD007 is an aggressive razor head with solid segmented bars sporting our original 'Boendoebaard' logo on the cap.

SRE001 is a short, stubby handle made of brass and coated in white chrome. It has a typical diamond knurling pattern with good grip. This guy delivers is surprisingly good comfort and ease of handling.

SRE002 is a copper handle with a very fine knurling pattern in the form of snakes slithering down the handle sides. It is a 4 piece razor, ideal for the DIY type of guy who wants to try manufacturing different barrels to spif up his stubble killing machine.

SRE003 is a polished one piece, 316L stainless steel handle with a flat diamond (argyle) knurling pattern.


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