Schick adjustable injector razor (V237) Type M1

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Double edged adjustable razors have remained popular since their introduction into the mainstream consumer market with the Gillette Fatboy in the 1950's, but their single edge counterparts have lagged behind with only a few vintage models floating around, one such maker was Schick and they produced the adjustable range M1, M2 and M3 in 1965 to 1972. The razor adjusts by turning the knob clockwise to setting '8' for the most aggressive setting, where the safaty bar wil be at is furthest from the blade, turning it anti-clockwise to '1' will have it on its mildest setting. It has around 45 settings or 'clicks' from 0 to 8, and if you are REALLY bored you can shave on each one and do a review with detailed feedback per each setting/click.

The razor is mostly mild to medium through its range, and is deemed to be a very efficient shaver that can feel somewhat like a cartridge razor on account of its shape, weight and design. The M2 has a 'blade protect' feature whereby you slide a section of handle on the bottom, top side up towards the head, this will have the bottom guard sit right against the blade top protect it from damage from other instruments in your luggage.

It weighs 33 grams and is 120 mm tall, and comes loaded with a fresh blade. New blades are available from this page on our store.

a Review from Ken Surfs can be seen here.