Schick Band Razor (V78)

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Schick also has a very rich history in the razor industry, the company started out in 1926, almost 100 years ago. Schick razors were produced in huge numbers, and is aquired by folks mostly for their shaving performance rather than collectability, that being said, with many models having bakelite and plastic handles they did tend to break and get tossed out more than the all metal Gillettes of the same era, and one will find less of them on the internet.

The Band razor is mostly for the collector as cartridges are getting scarce, and sharpening the continuous blade yourself will prove to be one hell of a mission! The current cartridge looks as if it is clean and has some life left on the roll, this is if you really want to take it for a spin. We'll keep a lookout for some unused cartridge as/when they pop up.

The razor weighs 30 grams and stands 122 mm tall.