Schick G1 single edge injector razor (V218)

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This vintage model seems to be the G1 version which is a bit out of the ordinary as it has a plastic handle that has a marble finish, but then also a textured finish on the metal head parts, which was found in the G5 models with a turquoise handle, no matter if it is a bastard child, it is quite pretty indeed!

Schick also has a very rich history in the razor industry, the company started out in 1926, almost 100 years ago. Schick razors were produced in huge numbers, and is aquired by folks mostly for their shaving performance rather than collectability, that being said, with many models having bakelite and plastic handles they did tend to break and get tossed out more than the all metal Gillettes of the same era, and one will find less of them on the internet. The most valuable models normally seen for sale are sterling silver versions of the Magazine Repeating Razor produced in the late 1920's. After the 1930's, Schick rarely produced de luxe versions of their razors like Gillette and others did. Some notable exceptions: the gold plated and gold filled handles released by Eversharp in 1946 and 1947, the up-scale "Golden 500" model released in the early 1960's, and the International Silver version with the "Paul Revere" tableware handle that appeared in the early 1970's.

This razor is light, easy to use, agile, and pretty nice to look at, 

The 'E' and 'G' models are renowned to be superb shavers, so if you are looking for a great single edge shaving experience on a low budget this must have been in your cart already!

The razor weighs 30 grams and stands 100 mm tall. This fancy schmancy single edge  comes loaded with a fresh blade and is ready to rock and roll!