Schick super chromium double edged razor blade in original dispenser

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Schick are well known in razor world, and many a collector will have one or two vintage Schick's in their collections. Although they never had a decent range of double edged razors, your Krona still deserve a proper vintage blade for a proper vintage shave.

Looks like one blade in this pack, obviously the crazy wasteful ways of humans was starting to shine through, all this plastic, cardboard and steel for one blade! You can make up for this though as you could use this spiffy 'brand new' dispenser to house your own blades, perfect to keep them safe and dry, and to prevent them from falling about in your bag with the potential of causing a cut when you rummage through your stuff

These blades have some set bragging rights, the most durable blade in history, electronically metalized with chromium and then heat bonded with a polymer coating...vitrually friction free smoothness, the holy grail of blade tech at the time?