Schick Type K Lady Eversharp Beauty Razor (V222)

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One for the ladies....but I must admit I quite liked shaving with this type of razor, its light weight brings a new dimension to the act of shaving. 

Schick has a very rich history in the razor industry, the company started out in 1926, almost 100 years ago. Schick razors were produced in huge numbers, their vintage razors are acquired by folks mostly for their shaving performance rather than collectability, that being said, with many models having bakelite and plastic handles they did tend to break and get tossed out more than the all metal Gillettes from the same era, and one will find less of them on the internet.

The Lady Eversharp is just about as elegant looking as plastic can ever be. These razors were made from 1962 to 1968, and worked with a triangular, flat spring system whereby you insert a new blade with a cartridge. Apart from making the blade change safe as you don't handle the blade, the cartridge has a bar that slides into the razor, opening up the spring a little bit for the new blade to replace the old.

The razor weighs 28 grams and stands 120 mm tall. This razor comes loaded with a fresh single edge blade, and will give newcomers to single edge razors an easy introduction to a different shaving system. 

Single edged blades are available on our website,  give this single edge a bash, maybe you'll get hooked!