Segmented Umboya (CB215)

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Ever popular Umboya with a huge belly to show off its segments to its new owner, the brush displays the way one species of wood can vary in its appearance by simply adjusting the angle the wood/grain is cut at, quite amazing! This chubby fella is fitted with a 26 mm finest two band knot.   The brush weighs 78 grams, stands 132 mm tall with a loft of 60 mm, the waist measures 17 mm and sports a belly of 42 mm. 

The brush has a natural finish and comes with a sample of our 'My Bliksem' aftershave balm to be used to nurture the wood as required, do try the balm on your entire face after your shave also!

The knot appears 'square' as it has been stored in in such a manner, please give the brush a lather or two before use in order to clean it, it will also revert back to its regular, round shape.