Sekelbos spring (ARB36)

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This brush is a hybrid combination of wood and resin, the dark Sekelbos wood sits on a spring green resin base that has a uniform colour profile with a touch of a dark swirl and a few glitters in it. We fitted this brush with a 28 mm High Mountain white mixed 50/50 with two band finest, the two band adds some stiffness and the HMW softens it up a bit and lathers quicker as this hair type is thinner and denser. The knot is in a bulb shape.

The brush weighs 105 grams stands 140 mm high and the knot lofts at 58 mm and sits very nice in hand, resin handles are a lot smoother than wooden textured brushes and the large pot belly handle aids for good grip in the palm of your hand rather than gripping it with your fingers. This one likes your thumb and pointer on the grooves with your middle finger around the waist. Take her for a dance!

Please lather your brush two to three times prior to use to remove dust and dirt that may have accumulated during storage of the knots or brushes.