Shallow beaten stainless steel bowl

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If you have a large brush or hands you might prefer this bowl. It is made of solid 1 mm stainless steel with a polished appearance over hammered sides. It's fairly shallow at 35 mm deep and measures 140 mm across the rim of the bowl. Because of the square sides and indents, one's fingertips grips very well on the sides of the bowl, but I suspect guys with small hands might struggle a bit holding it up while lathering, luckily the large flat base also makes it ideal for lathering on a counter top, pressing it down slightly with one hand. You can use this bowl to soak your gear in, to build a lather in, or to melt our Glycerine soap into it and lather right on top of that! Read our FAQ page for instructions on how to get that sorted. Looks great in any bathroom and doubles up perfectly as a peanut dish when watching a game of rugga! Struggling to get the perfect selfie for your online dating profile? Use our bowl to create the perfect 'You'! Choose from a range of appearances such as a scar-faced bad ass, tripped up Jack Nicholson or attention seeking suicide case, all personalities that will get you hooked up with the right gal!

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