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a Dream of ours has come true with this locally produced shaving soap and a matching aftershave in a summer and winter version. The summer version (frosted bottle) gives you a bit of a cold slap in the cheeks that lasts remarkably long, quite a bit longer than other products we have tried. The winter version (clear glass) is the pure, warm fragrance without a chill factor. In this first round we have produced a shaving soap, body soap and  the two aftershave options that will enable you to step out in style, smelling uniform and focused, not 'all deurmekaar' like a verkleurmannetjie doing house calls to various huurhuisjes in the Bo Kaap!

The shaving soap is made using our trusty Glycerin base, we might expand this to other bases (tallow/plant based/all natural) if market demands for it, but for now we need to get an economical, easy to use soap out there, and with usage of less than 1 gram of soap per shave when using this base you are looking at around 200 shaves per tub! The ingredients are listed in the pics, we omitted 'natural essential oils', so please be aware of that. We lathered this apex predator soap with a 30 mm High Mountain white brush, it simply did not know when to stop producing lather, the thin bristles quickly made it thick and creamy, working that brush through the thick stuff was like driving a car with 4 flat tyres and no power steering, damn hard work! Some shampoo bars, a solid cologne and a roll-on type deodorant might be added soon enough if you guys like the current offerings and fragrance.

The fragrance is hip, fresh and modern and has a leathery swing to it, but not as heavy as our more traditional '14' aftershave. The top notes will sing Bergamot and Cinnemon, the medium notes will be played by Orange blossom, Honeysuckle and Yasmin, while the base notes will be strummed by Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Musk and Vanilla. This fragrance plays a fine tune indeed, if smell was a 80's rock song, this one would most certainly be Living on a prayer by Bon Jovi. 

This aftershave is alcohol based, with a mixture of natural and synthetic oils. We tried to get it to a level where it is not as drying as many alcohol based aftershaves out there, but also not too oily. We hope we got it just right, but you need to be the judge of that. The fragrance oils used are added in a higher concentration that is used by most brands, so the fragrance is pretty strong and lasting, we are not fans of an aftershave that start limping after 60 minutes, so we zapped some extra energy into these formulations. We hope you love these products, please leave some reviews right below this paragraph, as your feedback is our only gauge on how to improve or adjust our products.

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