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Shave Code is a brand that is owned by MPG, a manufacturer from Egypt. They have a small, but complete range of shave care products that is worth exploring. Although we have some superb local products, it is always nice to own and use something 'exotic', we are also quite low on local options when it comes to cream in a tube. Tell us what you think and we can try and get some more of their products.

Cream in a tube is a great option when travelling as the tube can be squeezed into the smallest of spaces, we also like the fact that it is easy to add more cream if you want to thicken up the lather you are building. The cream lathers beautifully and shaves very nicely. Like most creams in a tube the fragrance is nothing too exciting, but this is the norm for all budget creams.

The simple ingredient list of menthol, glycerin, and coconut extracts ensures that it will be compatible with most skin types. The use of a shaving brush to build the cream to a creamy lather is advised, the product can be deposited on your face, in a bowl or on the brush, from there you can proceed to build a lather by working that brush until the lather is thick, full and creamy.