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This is Africa and we do things differently over here, smooth and refined is all mixed up with rough and tough on a daily basis. This is what this shave box is about; refined gear in a box an elephant would have a hard time trampling into the ground. a Buddy copied this from a vintage item I picked up a while back. Similar boxes were used from the 1920's onward, mostly by travelling Indian barbers plying their trade. Our model is made out of sleeper wood, certainly a bit heavier than Raj would have liked, but just as cool with a bit of African flavor. This is a cool counter top item, and not something you go travelling with unless you are of royal decent and have a barber in your entourage. Display with pride and whip it out for some super cool shaves when the opportunity arises or on occasions when you need that last bit of pizzazz to turn your lady into putty in your hands. 

All boxes vary is appearance, size and shape, ask for dimensions and pics if required. Price is for the box only, please inquire about additional products.