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This box is made from some species of spalted timber, we are not sure of its origin, but it has been 'through the mill' a couple of times and mother nature has also taken its toll on it with wind, weather and bugs, this box has serious personality! All holes, dugouts and natural defects have been resin filled to stabilize the timber, so don't be concerned about its current and future condition, its solid and strong! Similar boxes were used from the 1920's onward, mostly by travelling Indian barbers plying their trade. This is a cool counter top item, and not something you go travelling with unless you are of royal decent and have a barber in your entourage. Display with pride and whip it out for some super cool shaves when the opportunity arises or on occasions when you need that last bit of pizzazz to turn your lady into putty in your hands. I love taking my shaves outside, and this classy piece of kit will go perfectly in a seaside cottage that is filled with driftwood items or a bathroom with a light, airy personality.  

Boxes may vary in appearance, size and shape, ask for dimensions and pics if required. Price is for the box only, please inquire about additional products.

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