Sigma #6000 grit ceramic sharpening whetstone

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The Sigma Power company has produced a ceramic whetstone that cuts rapidly and gets the job done. Like all good whetstones these are not cheap, and must be considered an investment that is made to ensure one can sharpen your own straight razors, knifes and other tools to a superb level of sharpness for decades to come.

The lower grit stones are generally hard, and yet still cut aggressively so your work is done quickly. They are highly resistant to dishing, but do require a short soak of 5 minutes prior to use. Keep the stone wet while in use by having water in a spray bottle on hand all of the time.

Sigma also claims a stone that is stronger than other brands on account of their composition and manufacturing processes, and we also love the fact that it is twice as thick as most other stones on the market. The 25 to 30 mm thickness means you'd get more than double the amount of work out of it when compared with most other makers who supply their stones in a 10 or 15 mm thickness.

This #6000 stone is the lowest/coarsest grit stone in this series considered to be a fine grind stone. If we had to choose one stone to do everything from correcting blade geometry to getting it to an acceptable shave, this would be it. The shave will not be as good as the edges refined to 10k or 13k, but I have had a number of comfortable shaves from such honed blades.  

Here is a great video using the grid method to make sure your stone is perfectly flat before using it, this is very good practice and I suggest any person use this method until you get to know the behaviour of your specific stones and how they perform.

Another great video on honing a razor here;

Product of Japan. Size 210x75x25mm.