'Time for a change' razor and blades set.

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This offer is also known as the 'Ek ruik 'n rot' and the 'Hau! Ithi unamanga' promotion, simply because it sounds too good to be true! Exploring a new way to shave cheaper, better and cooler has never been this easy! This offer comprises of our all metal DE1 razor and 10 blades from various suppliers to see which blade works best with your skin and beard profile. Trying all these blades are highly recommended as their shaving profiles vary quite a bit, your skin also differs from mine and we get that, your supermarket does not, that is part of the reason why we have such a huge range of products.

Add value by adding another razor and 10 blades for your partner at only R100, just imagine the combined monthly savings when (not if) this works out for you!

Did we mention shipping is included on this listing !? (Choose 2-4 day shipping upon checking out, it will be discounted before prompted for payment) 

All we can add to this completely bonkers offer are the words; 'Get ready for some great shaves' at prices so low you will be able to fill up your fuel tank again!