Small cowhide strop (South African leather)

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This strop can be used to strop various tools on, but it was specifically made to the ideal size for use in Valet razors and the Ever-ready stropping tool. The strop is 1.6 mm thick, 39 mm wide, and around 435 mm long. The strops for these razors are very hard to find, even more so in good condition, so this item will go a long way in making your vintage razor more enjoyable to use. In one pic we have added an original strop for comparison, the original was made from hog hide, ours from tanned cowhide.

Please note that stropping blades is not good for all blades, and stropping a new blade might very well deteriorate the edge, so don't strop new blades right away, use them and start to experiment with stropping once they have started to dull. Sharpening 'disposable' single and double edged blades is a bit of a hit and miss affair, if you are interested in doing some experimentation with different types blades and methods feel free to buy it and strop away. Some users claim more than 100 shaves from a single blade using a strop, all I know is that is going to take some time to see if this can work for me!

At less than 50 grams this strop may just become very popular for any person owning anything that may need stropping!