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When I was a kid we always had the soap-on-a-rope gift option to fall back on when all else failed getting something for the toppie, so we decided to bring it back in a format we think will please a lot of men out there.

We upgraded the size of this to a whopping quarter of a kilogram ,that is right, no stuffing about here, we wanted something that is large and chunky with an earthy, basic appearance. This soap is in a brand new tallow based formula that will work on your body and hair, so this is one product you'd really want to hang over your tap in the shower!

The fragrance profile is in that of our classical 'Sanga Symphony' styled shaving soap, soft and full of baby-powdery goodness, dusted into the chunk of soap by sandalwood oil, frankincense and myrrh oil, the hand-crochet string adds that additional touch of earthy goodness.

This bar is humble, basic, but also larger than life, expect most other soap-on-a-ropes to quiver away in the corner when this dude steps into the bathroom.

Disclaimer; We accept no responsibility if the soap bends or dislodges your bathroom taps out of the wall on account of sheer size and weight!

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