'Spicy passage' shaving soap.

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Something old in something new....What is new? We used ostrich oil in this soap, and oh boy has it given this soap some legs! This is an all natural, soft, rich and creamy soap that kicks butt ! 'The old' is something we have not offered yet; the classic scent of spices from a distant time and place. This fragrance is well balanced and we are sure it is going to become very popular with shavers leaning towards the 'old-old school'. The spicy fragrance is subtle enough to have you enjoy a gentle, slow-rocking camel ride to shave-nirvana, and won't fill the room like harem full of neglected wives. This is a soft soap that loads quickly and easily on your brush, it has all the great all-round properties one would expect of a quality soap, but we will wait for your reviews to decide what properties about it are loved the most. We have also found this, and our three other all natural tallow/veg oil blended soaps to be most effective in creating and maintaining gel tips on brushes, so if you dig that you have to try this one out. This fragrance is a must-have in every hardcore shaver's inventory as it resembles something that would have been blended at the very stages of the production of soaps designed specifically for shaving. This soap is  labeled on the side for easy identification when taking a pick from your stack, and also has instructions should you present it as a gift to an inexperienced wet-shaver Available in our tub with a total weight of around 220 grams, and also in a 160 gram refill. Weights may vary slightly on account of various factors such as curing, it's age and the pour itself.

This soap is also offered in a refill, so hang on to your tubs and save some boodle and the environment!

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