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Safety razors are tough and their components do not break easily, but there are cases where the lighter alloy handles, or even the brass ones might strip its thread, lose its coating, or take a hit in some other way. You may also want to change an existing handle if it is too short, the grip is not to your satisfaction or you simply want something more pleasing to the eye, not to mention durable.

We are happy to offer razor handles produced by Razorock, these are some of their cool Stainless steel and Titanium handles. Made out of very durable materials they will last for eons and the ones with knurling have exceptional good grip. I have been warned by the supplier that they are not always available, so do expect a waiting period when out of stock. We will try and get a few more types (Barber Pole and Halo versions) with the next shipment, so look out for those. On the main photo from left to right, Titanium, Radio knob, Super knurl and Bulldog, we will update this listing again as we add new products.

All handles are made from grade 316L Stainless steel, apart from the Titanium ones, specifications as below;

Titanium Halo, 13 mm x 100 mm, ~ 48 grams

Barber Pole, 12 mm x 85 mm (14 mm Butt End), ~ 74 grams

Radio Knob, 12 mm x 85 mm (15 mm Knob End), ~77 grams

Halo, 12 mm x 83 mm (15 mm Knob End), ~ 62 grams

Super Knurl, 13 mm x 91 mm, ~ 82 grams

HD, 13 mm x 85 mm (14 mm Butt End), ~ 74 grams

Bulldog, 13 mm x 90 mm, ~ 79 grams

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