Straight Razor. Gold Dollar 100

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You have to start somewhere, and if you do not want to fork out a thousand or three on medium to higher end razors, Gold Dollar is a very popular option. It is not what we would consider shave ready when received from the factory, but after a heavy stropping it is usable on very light beard. I have a family member who used it twice on one day because he liked it so much, maybe we are just a bit tougher in Africa than the blokes in the East and the West! Personally I love Gold Dollars, they hone up easily, hold an edge pretty well and give loads of feedback, with this razor you can actually 'hear' your cheeks getting smoother with every stroke as the sound of stubble being cut decreases.  

Choose the 'shave ready' option if you want us to hone this up for you, don't expect a rock-and roll shave from the factory edge on this razor, it needs some love before it will perform smooth enough for a decent shave. Take a few minutes and read here how to get a 'factory condition' Gold Dollar from zero to hero on using just one whetstone.