Straight Razor. Gold Dollar 66

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As far as we know this is the cheapest fixed blade razor option available in South Africa today. Gold Dollar has upped their QC quite a bit and it is showing in the condition that we receive the razors in. I have tried several of their razors out the box and they delivered a pleasant shave, chances are most seasoned wet shavers will be happy to shave with the factory edge when combined with some stropping and a good beard prep.  I really dig Gold Dollars, apart from offering unreal value for money they hone up easily, hold an edge pretty well and give loads of feedback, with this razor you can actually 'hear' your cheeks getting smoother with every stroke as the sound of stubble being cut decreases.

The blade is made of Carbon steel, with black plastic scales on which the words 'Gold Dollar' are embossed in gold on one side. The razor has a 13/16 blade with a round point.  The razor weighs 56 grams, with a closed length of 160 mm, and a straight cutting edge of around 70 mm long.

Choose the 'shave ready' option if you want us to hone this up for you some more, but chances are you will get one with a good edge right out the box.

This razor comes in an oiled condition and in a plastic pouch.