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Gold dollar is stepping up its game and adding some razors with interesting blade types, sizes and shapes. They are also producing them in a variety of scale options, resin, wood and plastic. Apart from expanding their range with a modern look and better quality feel, they have also made some improvements in the sharpening department. Most of the razors I test 'out the box' has a pretty good edge, and have delivered some great shaves. Be well aware that even the sharpest straight razor can be a less pleasant experience if you don't do a good prep and use good technique, so make sure you get that down before you start working on the cutting edge.

We can also sharpen this razor for you to make sure it is shave-ready, but I normally advise folks to try it in the factory condition first,  if it shaves nicely on your cheekbones it should feel good on the more sensitive skin in your neck if your prep and technique is on par.

This razor has a conventional shaped blade and scales in a colour combination that looks like many conventional razors you'd find in earlier times. The scales are made from Mahogany in a light brown appearance, and has a stainless steel wedge. The etching is limited to the tang giving the razor a clean, classical look. The blade is made of 'High carbon steel' and has a a blade length of 71 mm and a width of 21 mm. It has a half hollow grind, and at 74 grams heavier than most vintage blades, but still in the class most users will be comfortable with. The hardness is gauged at 58-60 Rockwell, so it sharpens quicker than most other blades, but gives away a bit of edge retention to achieve this.

This purchase includes a black leather pouch.

Customer Reviews

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Gold Dollar is good purchase

So, I gifted this to a family member as an introduction razor to shaving with a straight.
I read a few reviews online, but I soon realised that it was mostly Americans with negative reviews.
Don't listen to any of it, this is a nice little razor and perfect for a beginner.
I tested it myself (sorry bro, I was curious), and it works well, and feels comfortable in my hand.
I got it in factory condition as per Jaco's recommendation, and gave it a light stropping before shaving with it and I like it - it's great.
The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because the build quality could be a little better, but I think it will last for as long as one looks after it; it's great value for money.