Straight Razor. Gold Dollar SW50

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Gold dollar is stepping up its game and adding some razors with interesting blade types, sizes and shapes. They are also producing them in a variety of scale options, resin, wood and plastic. Apart from expanding their range with a modern look and better quality feel, they have also made some improvements in the sharpening department. Most of the razors I test 'out the box' has a pretty good edge, and have delivered some great shaves. Be well aware that even the sharpest straight razor can be a less pleasant experience if you don't do a good prep and use good technique, so make sure you get that down before you start working on the cutting edge.

We can also sharpen this razor for you to make sure it is shave-ready, but I normally advise folks to try it in the factory condition first,  if it shaves nicely on your cheekbones it should feel good on the more sensitive skin in your neck if your prep and technique is on par.

This razor has a traditional shaped blade with wooden scales that has been dyed to a darkish blue/orange effect. The shiny metal wedge looks good, matching the steel of the blade nicely, the etching on the blade is done in smaller black lettering which is a bit more classy and conservative than the huge badges on their earlier models. The blade is made of 'High carbon steel', has a a blade length of 71 mm and a width of 21 mm, and 'centers' nicely into the scales on all the razors we have checked. This is a well built, sturdy razor at 74 grams, and includes a black leather pouch. The hardness is gauged at 58-60 Rockwell, so it sharpens quicker than most other blades, but gives away a bit of blade retention to achieve this.