Straight Razor/Shavette. Feather Artist Club SS

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If a Straight Razor is your thing, but the stropping and blade maintenance is not for you, then make this baby yours. Also known as a shavette, this is considered to be a very good starter 'straight razor' as it requires a very light touch, and will play its part in developing your technique, blades are available under the consumables section of our website. a High end product with a superb stainless steel finish the Japanese are well known for. What we love about this razor is the fact that it was designed to aid or even eliminate the stretching of your skin when shaving, the bumps seen near the cutting edge of the blade does the job beautifully. I for one don't stretch my skin at all when using a Feather shavette, and I certainly don't have tight skin. It shaves very smooth and effortless,certainly worth the investment.

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