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This cream is new to us, but I do see the need for at least one tube of shaving cream in one's cupboard, the soft LDPE (Recycling code #4) tube looks and feels similar to toothpaste and is very handy when space is limited or where impact could damage one's hard containers usually used for soaps and creams. Although we do not generally carry stuff available in supermarkets, I have not seen these on many shelves. It is made in Bangladesh, so warn your wife well in advance it might bring out the tiger in you! The creamy stuff (100 ml) comes in 3 fragrances with the ingredient list is captured in one of the photographs. Please give us some feedback on your likes/dislikes, that will determine whether we keep it on the racks or send it  packing back to flooded country.

Customer Reviews

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Gerhard Helmut Schwar
Supermax Shaving Cream

It is the best shaving cream around. have been using it for years and was so happy to find it at BunduBeard. Shops do not stock it anymore. So if you old-fashioned and shave with a brush and shaving cream, hen you can certainly go for this one.

Graham Francis
super-max-shave-cream in a tube = economical

In the 1970's shaving cream used to be available in a tube. You could dispense a small amount in a shaving bowl and work up a lather with a shaving brush. Some people prefer an aerosol can with shaving foam. Over the years, I've used both, but personally, the tube goes further and is more economical.

Jeff Drucker
Good, honest creams from Bulgaria

First of all with respect, these Super Max creams are from Bulgaria, not Bangladesh. I know that for a fact because I bought them there when my wife and I went to Burgas, Bulgaria which is a beautiful resort city on the Black Sea a few summers ago. These creams to me lather very fast, they have decent scents, and they give pretty good postshave care. Price wise they’re excellent value. I noticed that the Menthol version is cooling, but in a potent way, the Classic smells clean and plain, and the Lemon Lime smells refreshing. Would I buy them again? Maybe, although I use mainly soaps now.

Pieter Fourie
Good value

Both my wife and I have tried these shaving creams. (this is not an expert review just our personal opinions)

Wife: Very nice smooth and comfortable shave. Difficult to handle the screw-on cap in the shower as it gets very slippery, but she likes it.

Me: Makes a nice thick creamy lather with the brush, goes on very easily and stays there, a little goes a long way and the scent is very light. Very nice shaving cream for the price.