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When you are still saving up for that premium silvertip badger get one of these to ease the pain of not owning one yet. I love the colour of these knots, and the knots feels as if they have a bit more backbone than the other two synthetic brushes in this range They have fine synthetic hair that may not hold water as well as a natural  hair brush, but it does lather up a storm and it does that consistently. This brush is medium soft to the touch, and bristles seems slightly thicker than our other synthetics in this handle. Many of our clients living at the coast or places with high humidity prefer synthetic brushes as they dry quicker than boar and badger.

Customer Reviews

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Value for money

After using it for about 2 years, I've only noticed one bristle come off. And I work it into the soap like it was free.

Josh deBeer
Magic Brush

This is a great looking, great performing brush!

Slick & elegant with a black handle.
Which compliments the colours of the knot. A superior synthetic knot, it's not like others out there on the market.

The logo rocks too!

The tip of the knot is super soft & feels great on the skin. Yet the knot has enough backbone to handle even hard tallow soap. A great balance & a solid performer, it holds the right amount of water for me to achieve a great lather without much effort.

It would make a great primary brush or a super travel brush.

If you're into brush collecting you've got to get one.