Tall horse 1 (ARB23)

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This is our first brush using Giraffe horn and resin as mediums, the brush features reds, purple, some clear, cream and black.  The density of the dried horn is porous enough to allow good penetration from the resin, and it makes for a very unique brush in appearance and texture. The piece of horn in this brush was dyed red to 'dramatize' its appearence. The brush will continuously offer you its darker side, but will elate you when you spoil it to an outdoors shave, it loves the light! The brush has a 24 mm Finest two band knot that is set a bit deeper for a bit of backbone.

The brush stands 137 mm tall, with the loft at 54 mm. The waist is 21 mm and the belly around 40. Pulls the scale to 115 grams, this brush will get you high!