Taylor made vintage double edged blades for safety razor

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Vintage blades for vintage shaves! The luxury of pairing a vintage blade with a vintage razor is one that won't befall many, and will always be remain an experience to be cherished and savored. Although most vintage blades will not be as good as modern blades, they offer something more important, namely nostalgia and exclusivity, not to mention bragging rights with friends and family! Do keep in mind that razor blades prior to 1960 were mostly carbon steel, and today's blades are mostly stainless steel, stainless is more resistant to corrosion and wear, and lasts much longer. Expect less shaves with your vintage blade and dry it immediately after use to get the maximum amount of uses out of it.

'Taylor made' blades is another vintage blade brand that has great packaging design and represents a classic era when men still stood proud as well.... men, unconfronted (if people can invent their own sexual identity I can invent my own words) by liberal views and crazy gender qualifications that have been compiled since the simple days of having a penis or vagina defining your sex/orientation/identity ! If you cannot shave with these blades and the pain is too much, simply go through this list to determine your slot in society. Shaving with these 'James Bond' blades made me realize why the gentleman himself preferred sticking to straight razors, not for the 'cool factor' but they were simply more comfortable!

 Note* For obvious reasons vintage razor blades are a lot harder (and more expensive) to find than vintage razors, and such items will come and go on our website, grab more than one pack if you could, one to try out and one for your collection, soon enough they may not be available at all!

Stropping or honing your vintage blade will in all likeliness make it better to use and will allow you to use it longer, do preserve them for future use. Modern day blades don't strop well, and you are likely to decrease their performance using stropping and honing techniques.