TG&Y double edged platinum chrome blades.

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TG&Y was a medium sized retailer in the US that was in business from the 1930's up until the early 2000's These blades are more than likely made by Personna and are known to perform very well. The dispenser seems to be of a generic type that was used by various retailers and companies looking to put their own branding onto products.

On special occasions you want a true vintage blade to authenticate your shave of the day, 10 unused blades in this sealed card, once used, keep the dispenser and place your regular blades into it, sometimes I throw a 'lucky packet' selection of blades in there to make things interesting, once you have a few you don't have any idea of what is coming next!

Certainly not many of these around, grab it quickly, once gone it will be a while until we have one again.