The Alpha Ecliptic Blue Slant Razor - Aluminum 7075 - Anodized Blue

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The Alpha Ecliptic is based on the rare German bakelite Walbusch "Humpback" Slant razor from Walbusch & Sohnes, and was re-invented by Doug from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements. The razor's a unique design helps to guide the user to proper blade angle for an almost effortless shave. The slant design is a diagonal rather than the more common twist or torqued models, this means the cap will fit one way only, so don't be puzzled when your razor cap looks at you like a Mozambique spitting cobra ready to 'gooi gif', simply turn the cap 180 degrees! This light aluminium razor is said to be very efficient with a mild to medium cutting action. It should be a great razor for most folks, especially guys with sensitive skin or those who shaves very frequently. The maker suggests users start off with a middle-of the-road blade and move to the sharper stuff from there, but I know I will be slipping a new Feather in mine to get a crisp, clear impression of its efficiency on shave one. The handle is made in the style of a classic Wade & Butch razor, this one called The 'Neo vic', with a cool 'pinky throttle' design, knurling is good as I suspect you will fly around around your face with this 'Blou blits'

I am not a huge fan of coloured razors, but this design and colour scheme works very well for us, what a funky piece of gear!

The razor weighs 46 grams and stands 102 mm high.