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You can have the grandest of shaving gear, but if there is Africa pumping through your veins you will often gravitate towards something a bit less clinical, something with soul, something that was part of the Bushveld 500 years before Bartolomeu Dias fared our beautiful coastline for the first time in 1488. Hardekool, an iconic wood species most of us know, once the only choice for a bushfire that burnt deep into the night and still needed to be hot enough to brew the coffee on first thing in the morning, now something we long for as the resource is getting depleted at a scary rate.

The razor is one of my favourites, Hardekool textures like few other wood species, the ridges we create on it makes for grip that is actually better than on many metal knurled razors, the razor head is a one-pass shavers dream, it shaves close, effective and about as smooth as can be at this level of aggression, of all the alloy heads out there, this is the one that I will always have in the cupboard.

These razors come in various formats of texturing, the handles vary in length, shape and thickness, and the colour of the wood also varies from light sapwood to dark brown heartwood. If you have any specific preferences drop them in a note to us on the checkout page and we will select the razor in stock closest to your requirements.

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