The Wilkinson bonded shaving system (V80)

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The Wilkinson bonded system was the Grand daddy of the evil cartridge razor system, I can not recall seeing any of them on local shelves, that being said I was still a laaitie and had mostly 'ketties and kattekwaad' on my mind.

The Wilkinson Bonded Blade razor was heavily advertised abroad, and became a very popular razor in the 70's. It it was the popularity of the later Gillette Trac II (which we had plenty of locally) that basically pushed the Wilkinson Bonded Blade off the shelves globally. 

The system works fairly easy, much the same as current cartridge razor systems, there are a few unused blades in the retainer if you want to take it for a spin, but this has more collector value than practical use as cartridges are becoming quite scarce.

The razor comes cased with a few unused blades and an instruction booklet.